Omnilux is a treatment we’re super passionate about, we’ve seen it work wonders for many of our clients. It’s essentially an innovative non-invasive LED Light Therapy treatment that increases the quality and quantity of collagen in your skin. It works wonders for common skin concerns including fine line and wrinkle reduction, acne treatment (it’s anti-inflammatory), and helping with any skin dyschromia (such as pigmentation and rosacea).

In an Omnilux treatment, our clients spend 20 minutes under the bright light transmitted by our Omnilux machine. Many of our clients find it leaves their skin brightened and plumped, even after just one treatment (although we recommend numerous treatments to get the best results). Through stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow, it’s been proven to accelerate skin healing and calm the skin. With the light therapy proven to assist with skin healing and skin recovery, some have gone as far as referring to Omnilux as anti-aging light therapy, but it’s so much more than that.

Having an Omnilux Treatment feels great too, it’s kind of like lying on the beach, except there’s no harmful UV rays. It works great by itself, but even better with any of our Facials or CACI Treatments (when booking a facial online you’ll have the option to add Omnilux on top).

Omnilux at Face First

The Omnliux machine we use at Face First is Omnilux revive2™, which has both a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It transmits LED Light (633nm) for a variety of applications.

Omnilux Revive 2 is proven to increase cellular energy (ATP) which in turn kick starts cellular renewal. It increases the synthesis of collagen in your skin and has also been proven to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This assists to eliminate toxins, accelerate healing and calm the skin.

 A quick background on Omnilux

Omnilux has been around since 2003 when it was originally developed in partnership with Cancer Research UK. When it was developed, they noticed that the area around the cancer became smoother and clearer after the treatment, so Omnilux was also adapted to assist with skincare.

Omnilux is considered the most trusted LED phototherapy system. Omnilux has received global regulatory approvals including US FDA, Australian TGA, China CFDA, and many others.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see results immediately?

After one treatment most clients notice a plumper, clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. For the best results we recommend numerous Omnilux treatments.

How many Omnilux sessions do you recommend to get results?

It really depends on you and your skin, and any specific skin concerns you have. Our experienced team are available to talk you through a plan we’d recommend for your skin. If you are hoping to have multiple treatments, we sell membership packs which are better value than purchasing Omnilux sessions individually. Click here for details of the membership options.

Does it hurt?

Omnilux is a non-invasive treatment, so it won’t hurt. The lights are very bright, but we give you goggles to wear during the treatment.

Does Omnilux help with anti-aging?

Omnilux boosts skin rejuvenation, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps reduce dyschromia issues such as pigmentation and rosacea.

Do you need recovery time after Omnilux?

No recovery time is required, you can go about your day immediately after an Omnilux treatment.

Does Omnilux emit any Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs)?

No, there are no EMFs emitted by our Omnilux machine.