Bioline Jatò is synonymous with quality, research and professionalism.

These are the founding values of a company that – for 40 years – has been merging constant scientific research into its products with a consolidated method able to optimize outcomes and guarantee results. The application of formulas and special procedures for professional cosmetics is the mission of a company that was built up around the intuition of its founder and the dedication of her family. Quality, scientific rigor and passion for the world of beauty are the secrets to the success of this brand that has won over beauty professionals all over the world.

Sourced in Switzerland and blended in the USA. Luzern’s luxurious products are formulated using the finest, sustainably-harvested, organic Swiss extracts and active ingredients, while eliminating any less-than-attractive additives, synthetics, or chemical preservatives.

The Environ products backed by science and every ingredient is included for a scientific reason and not just as a marketing ploy. Environ is a cosmeceutic and not just a cosmetic as it contains many active ingredients. Every ingredient in Environ is good for your skin and contains no harmful or dangerous ingredients. It is even safe enough to eat.

Payot’s skincare expertise draws its know-how from Dr Nadia Payot’s heritage. A beauty method resulting from the unique alchemy of sculpting movements, effective active ingredients and sensory textures. Real know-how for unequalled results and pure pleasure.