Face First Amazing Signature Facial

At Face First Beauty Salon we have a signature facial that cannot be found anywhere else! This is a resurfacing, repairing & hydrating facial which includes:

  •  Microdermabrasion
  • Multivitamin Power Exfoliation
  • Omnilux Revive™ photo rejuvenation
  • Hydrating soothing Masque

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Price $210

CACI Microcurrent

CACI Microcurrent therapy has been featured on Oprah for its dramatic anti-aging effects. It increases the skins elastin fibres and production of natural collagen to give the face a refreshed more youthful appearance. It is Europe’s leading microcurrent system, and has to be experienced to be believed. It is a favourite of many celebrities past and present and is the treatment Hollywood stars use when they don’t want a facelift. Celebrity fans include Liv Tyler, Meg Ryan, Elle Macpherson to name a few. CACI is like taking your face to the gym.

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CACI Maintenance – Price $149
Super CACI – Price $189
CACI & Omnilux – Price $199
CACI & Microdermabrasion – Price $209

Omnilux Revive(TM) LED Light Therapy

 This revolutionary treatment uses red light to stimulate your cells’ mitochondria. Your cells work more efficiently, eliminate waste and retain more moisture. The result – your skin is plumped up and any fine lines and wrinkles are removed or reduced. Omnilux has a two part action – it both prevents and repairs skin damage– a truly exciting breakthrough in skin care.

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Omnilux Light Therapy Facial – Price $149
Omnilux – Price $89
Course of 4 weeks unlimited – Price $695
Special offer – combine Omnilux with any Facial for just an extra $65

Environ Treatments

Environ is a paramedical product which provides proven, cutting-edge technology and sound skin science principles to create skincare for both women and men.

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Environ Prescription Facial – Price $149
Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliation – Price $99

Face First Treatments Facials

We will analyse your skin to choose the most suitable products for you and your skin type.

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 Luxury Facial – Price $139
Deep Cleanse – Price $155
Deep Cleanse + Multivitamin Power Exfoliation – Price $169

                                                                                                    Men’s Facial – Price $140

Teenage Facial – Price $95


Payot Institute Treatments

Payot is France’s leading skin care range using pure plant & mineral extracts coupled with cutting-edge biotechnology that promises and delivers great results.

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Payot Express Facial – Price $120
Payot Collagen Facial – Price $189

Luzern Facial

Luzern’s indulgent spa oxygen facial is designed to detoxify, nourish and hydrate the skin on a cellular level. Clients can customise the facial with a choice of 10 Bio-Swiss serums and 3 professional masks to effectively treat all skin types.

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Luzern Customised Facial – Price $159


Microdermabrasion gently resurfaces your skin by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells to leave your skin fit and healthy, with a smoother, fresher texture. It promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

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Microdermabrasion & Calming Masque – Price $129
Microdermabrasion with Peel & Calming Masque – Price $149

Hydro-dermabrasion Facial – Price $159