CACI Microcurrent therapy, the favourite non-surgical treatment for celebrities and royalty in Europe, has now been “discovered” in the USA. Oprah, “Queer Eye” and Dr Phil recently praised microcurrent for its dramatic anti-aging effect.

A recent University of Washington study proved that microcurrent increases your skin’s elastin fibres by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%. It can increase ATP, your body’s building block, by 500%. This is how CACI can “resculpt” your face, getting rid of lines and wrinkles and toning your facial muscles.

CACI, Europe’s leading microcurrent system, is used in more than 3,000 salons in Europe and more than 5,000 worldwide.

It is a favourite of many celebrities past and present and is the treatment Hollywood stars use when they don’t want a facelift. Celebrity fans include the late Princesses Diana and Margaret, Goldie Hawn, Kim Basinger, Meg Ryan, our own Elle Macpherson, the talented Brenda Blethem and the lovely Liv Tyler.


In the hands of a skilled operator CACI can make you look like you’ve had a face lift – at a fraction of the cost and with no risk or scarring. CACI will:

  • Increase your skin’s elastin fibres
  • Increase the production of your natural collagen
  • Increase the number of blood vessels and therefore the levels of oxygen available to your skin
  • Increase your levels of adenosine triphosphate – your body’s building block
  • Help make your face look smoother and fresher
  • Help reduce heavy lines and remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tone your facial muscles
  • Make you look younger
  • After a course of CACI treatments you’ll look relaxed, refreshed – and younger. Your friends will probably ask you if you’ve been on a long, relaxing holiday – it’s that good.

However please note that CACI requires a skilled operator that has been carefully trained in the correct movements and that knows which muscles in your face need tightening and which need relaxing.


  • CACI Micro-current is one thousand times smaller than 1 milliamps.
  • It is measured in hertz, which is the speed at which the current travels.
  • Different wave forms are used to penetrate different levels of tissue and muscle.
  • An effective micro-current machine should provide four different wave forms – some being suitable for muscles and other for toning the skin. CACI meets these criteria.
  • The hertz frequency range varies from one hertz (which is slow and suitable for deep muscles) to 500 hertz, which bounces on the skin surface thus toning the skin.
  • It is normal to feel a slight tingle on the skin when the current is increased.


  • Humans produce bio-electrical rhythms, which are sent by our brains via our spinal column to our muscles and soft tissue.
  • As we age, the process unfortunately slows down.
  • Muscles sag and droop and the skin generally deteriorates.
  • Micro-currents mimic these bio-electrical impulses thus re-educating the muscles.
  • This process allows for increased A.T.P. (adenosine tri phosphate), which in turn increases the production of protein synthesis.


  • CACI stands for ‘Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument.
  • CACI works with the unique Tsunami Wave, which was developed by Dr Thomas Wing, the acknowledged ‘pioneer’ of micro-current therapy.
  • The Tsunami Wave, which is patented by CACI, delivers a combination of frequencies and current using a method that has been medically documented to successfully stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.
  • A Tsunami Wave is a tidal wave that never breaks, but keeps its height.
  • The Tsunami Wave used by CACI works in a similar way and counteracts the skin and muscle resistance.
  • This is the reason that CACI is gentle and painless, with virtually no feeling of the micro-current.
  • The treatment is also relaxing and safe.
  • Micro-current therapy has previously been used widely in the medical profession for the treatment of damaged skin and injured muscles.
  • Micro-current therapy now being utilised in the beauty industry to regenerate skin, tissue and muscles.


  • CACI non-surgical treatment gently tightens and tones muscles, while soothing lines and wrinkles and improving skin tone and texture.
  • The powerful CACI Tsunami wave tackles cellulite, fluid retention and stubborn fatty areas such as the thighs and buttocks, resulting in inch reduction.
  • CACI can be used to help regenerate skin, improve soften the features, soften lines and make the face tighter, more healthy and glowing.
  • It can be also be used to prevent or slow down the natural ageing process.
  • The minimum age to start CACI treatments is 23. Because CACI keeps muscles toned and thereby preventing ageing, as long as you’re over 23 it’s never too early to start looking after your skin with CACI.


  • The oxygen and ion exchange stimulate the rate at which the body produces muscle.
  • The protein fibres reduce the ageing effects on the muscle tissue.
  • The rate at which skin produces collagen and elastin fibres is increased thereby increasing the support framework of the dermis.
  • It reduces and refines enlarged pores causing scar tissue and stretch-marks to soften.
  • The overall texture, tone and colour of the skin are improved.
  • Lymphatic drainage rids the face and body of toxic waste so reducing puffiness and fluid retention.
  • Micro-current treatment is both a preventative and well as a corrective therapy.


Microcurrent is a subtle but very powerful current. The treatment levels are usually sub sensory (below the level of the senses, therefore can’t be felt). Researchers believe the effects occur at the electrochemical level within the body’s tissues: literally at the cellular level. Usually the client will not feel the current, or will feel a slight tingling or warmth in the area being treated. The client needs to be told in advance that they may not feel anything, or little, and that even though they feel no pain the treatment is working effectively.

This is particularly true if a client has experienced Faradic Current based treatments, which cause a muscle contraction. Because CACI works at a deeper level these muscle contractions are not felt. This makes CACI not only a more effective treatment (because it works at a deeper level) but a more relaxing one too.

Other machines used on the face usually use mill amperage current (mill means one thousandth; micro means one millionth, so mill amperage is about a thousand times higher than microcurrent). Because mill amperage is much higher than microcurrent it produces a muscle contraction by working on the motor nerves. This is at a much higher level than at the cellular level.

Because CACI microcurrent is much lower than mill amperage it does not excite motor nerves and does not produce a muscle contraction. This means it is more comfortable for the client but, as stated above, less noticeable. If a client believes she needs to feel pain (‘no pain, no gain’) for improvement she needs to have this explained to her.

CACI Microcurrent works at a much lower, cellular level (motor nerves, like skin, are made up of cells, so microcurrent works on the very cells that make up nerves and skin) it has a much more profound effect.

Microcurrent machines (ie CACI) are ‘transcutaneous (beneath the skin) electrical nerve simulation devices’ and also ‘electronic muscle stimulators’, stimulating the muscles without muscle contraction because they stimulate cellular physiology and growth. For this reason they’re sometimes called ‘bio simulation’ or bioelectronic therapy’ devices.

The body produces its own bio-electrical currents to stimulate the cells and to promote cellular regeneration, growth and repair. However, this process becomes less efficient as we age. Micro currents are similar to these naturally occurring bioelectrical currents and they are much more effective in augmenting the body’s own tissue healing and repair mechanisms.

Research has shown the higher you go with current the less beneficial the effect (taking this to its extreme, very high currents will kill you) – hence the greater effectiveness of microcurrent as opposed to mill amperage.

It could be said that Faradic machines, using mill amperage, shout at the body while microcurrent whispers to it.


  • Increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels by up to 500% – ATP is the body’s ‘energy building block’. This raises the body’s energy level, re-energising the muscles and producing a feeling of wellbeing. Mill amperage machines decrease ATP.
  • Increases Fibroblast Activity – Fibroblast cells produce Collagen, increasing the skin’s Collagen production. This makes it more moisture retentive, softening lines. The skin takes on a wonderful bloom. Mill amperage decreases fibroblast activity.
  • Increases Protein Synthesis – Because muscles are largely made of protein this ‘plumps up’ the muscles and rejuvenates them. Elastin (a protein) production is increased. This again improves the appearance of the skin and refines and softens lines. Mill amperage current decreases protein synthesis
  • Increases Membrane Transport (Cell Permeability) – As the body ages, cells become less permeable, slowing down or hindering various body processes. Increased cell permeability makes the skin more moisture retentive, rehydrating it. This is why body treatments such as massage or hydrotherapy help to enhance the overall excretion and absorption processes of the body. Mill amperage decreases membrane transport.
  • Safety – Because of the extremely low current used in CACI it is very safe, and works in harmony with the body, not against it. It’s a non-surgical facelift.
  • Can be used in sensitive areas – eg around the eye. Because of the low current and safety of microcurrent CACI is ideal for use on sensitive skin around the eyes where tell-tale lines and wrinkles often begin. Because CACI can be used closely and intensely around the eyes it can make a significant difference on their appearance, unlike mill amperage, which cannot be use around the eyes.
  • No visible muscle contraction – Unlike Faradic current machines, microcurrent produces no visible, and off-putting, visible muscle contraction.
  • Mainly sub sensory – Because CACI is virtually sub sensory, the client should feel little – at most a slight prickle. The treatment should never be uncomfortable.
  • Promotes healing – Because it increases ATP production, Fibroblast activity and protein synthesis, CACI has a beneficial and healing effect on the skin in general. It promotes the healing of scars and blemishes and generally gives the skin a bloom.